Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life in the Slow Lane

Just starting this blog and I have no idea exactly what I will post here. Maybe I will post about my life as I travel in the slow lane...because I AM traveling in the slow lane.

Since retiring I have been traveling in the slow lane because my health has deteriorated, finances have slimmed down and I tend to sleep a lot since the meds make me drowsey. :)

I have seen other people's blogs and some are very creative. I would like to be able to do something like that - with pictures etc.  Will I do that? I don't know. But that is a desire I have.

I don't have any pets, an RV or anything like that which would be interesting to talk about.  I do have a blog that I use for political things... So no need to duplicate that here. I haven't done much traveling since moving here to Arizona - BUT, I would love to do that!  I do keep a journal, but that is mostly day to day things that are not often interesting.  I keep it more as a record.

I do play a game cal;led Farm Simulator 2011 which I enjoy and it can keep me busy! I am a Christian and could write insights I get from that perspective. I enjoy feeding and watching birds in my back yard...perhaps something will jump out at me there.  I have two sisters that blog and maybe I could steal some of their things - BIG TOOTHY GRIN...  8^D   I have worked with Deaf people and am myself Hard of Hearing and sign ASL (American Sign Language) flueltly, so I could write about that. But I have a web space for that at

I use to do Cowboy Action Shooting, hence my handle, Deaf Ranger, which I use in almost ALL my communicating, on Facebook, Twitter, et al. But I haven't done shooting for might near 4 years since health has taken a limiting toll on my agility. As a result of the CAS I started doing leather crafting and have a HUGE sewing machine, professional model, that sews through up to 3/4 inch of leather. But since the economy went south I have not been doing that much.  But I do have two web sites that sell some of the things I have made: and  If you should want to check those out.  My wife makes some - or did - period clothing for the circa 1880's - mostly for men.  But as I said, the bottom dropped out and we cut back on those things unless we get special orders.

I do ride my ATV in the desert some, so I could write about that.  I have found several homeless people in the desert during my rides. Some are characters - I could write about them.

Sometimes I go to movies or watch older ones on TV so I could comment on them...

So, on and on I go. I guess I will just wait to see what happens here.  IF you have questions or comments, by all means leave them here and I will see how that relates or what can be said or done.

Okay, I guess I will wrap it up for now - at least it is a start.  I thought I would only have a sentence or two to start with but I have prattled on long enough! Until the next time, SKSK

Deaf Ranger


  1. Where is your "followers" sign up gadget?
    Maybe photography?? and insipational thoughs to go with the pictures?

  2. I think this blog needs updated :)